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QoE | QoS用户感知与服务质量测试方案 iQualNet

iQualNet software is QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) measurement tool for IPv4 and IPv6 networks. This tool runs on Windows platform clients and can be used for measurement on any type of IP network: fixed, mobile, satellite, WiFi, WiMAX, PLC and more…
To measure End-to-End QoS and QoE parameters, iQualNet uses real applications and a reference server as shown in the diagram below. iQualNet generates real traffic, not simulated or emulated traffic.

One or more iQualNet clients dialog via the Internet with the iQualNet reference server or other external servers by using the access network to characterize. The use of the reference server allows to ensure the availability of services used by a remote iQualNet client on a site and to guarantee adequate bandwidth for tests realized (resources reservation is made by the server for testing from an iQualNet remote station). Thus, only the network metrics are characterized and the client or server adds no uncertainty.

In many applications, iQualNet is used in mobility (car, train, plane…) for network metrics measurement.

 Examples of Use Cases 应用案列


The examples below illustrate different use cases with iQualNet testbed. Generally a Windows laptop with iQualNet software is used at the client site.

Test & Measurement campaigns for QoS testing on access to the Internet by satellite coupled Wi-Fi in high-speed trains.
Customer: SNCF (French National Railways)
    法国国家铁路     高铁上通过卫星接入为乘客提供WIFI服务,iQualNet做QoS服务质量测试;




Campaign performance metrics for the Internet access by satellite for the choice of the satellite network operator (comparison of two service providers). Fixed Stations in Burkina Faso.
Customer: European Commission




Measurement campaigns (fixed and mobile) for the performance evaluation of DVB-RCS S2 terminals and gateways.
Customer: French Space Agency


测量(固定和移动)的DVB-RCS S2终端和网关的性能评价。